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Caring for Your Winter Wardrobe: Why Dry Cleaning Matters

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Winter is coming. The same goes for the need to start getting your clothes for the cold months ready for use again. Dry and fold services in Santa Monica, CA, say it’s that time of year to bring your winter wardrobe over to them so they can be given the VIP treatment that’s often disregarded. I’m referring to dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning gets rid of the musty smell of clothes that have been kept in the cabinet for far too long. Here are the benefits of dry cleaning your winter clothes and how it helps your favorite outfits last longer.

1. Preserves the Quality of Fabrics

Wool, cashmere, silk, and leather are among the fragile fabrics used to make winter apparel. They are at risk of stains, smells, and deterioration from wetness and insects. Dry cleaning, instead of regular laundry, can preserve these materials. Your winter wardrobe will look and feel brand new, thanks to the method.

2. Removes Stubborn Stains

Your delicate outfits are subjected to a range of situations throughout the winter, such as spill stains and scrapes with dirty surfaces. Dry cleaning by experts using specific chemicals can remove them without harming the fabric. Warning: Removing them yourself may damage the clothes.

3. Freshens the Smell

Compared to other seasons, clothes worn during winter tend to retain smells. Sweat, dampness, and residual smells from the surroundings can combine to create an unpleasant odor that remains. Dry cleaning brings back the fresh scent of your winter clothing and makes them ready to use.

4. Protects Against Moths and Insects

Experts on dry cleaning in Santa Monica, CA, warn that moths and a few other insects love to feast on winter apparel, especially wool and cashmere. If you’re not careful, these vermin can cause holes. Dry cleaning is a sure way to prevent it from happening.

5. Maintains Shape and Structure

Regular winter wear like coats, jackets, and blazers have elaborate structures and tailoring. They will keep their natural shape if you dry clean them because this process preserves the fabric. It’s especially crucial for clothes that are meant for a flawless fit.

6. Your Winter Wardrobe Lasts Longer

It can be costly to invest in winter apparel, particularly premium brands. The cost of dry cleaning is minor if compared to replacing your winter wardrobe too soon. You can get more wear out of your outfit for the cold months by having it dry cleaned on a regular basis.

7. Gets Professional Care

Specialized care is needed for winter wear like leather jackets and fur coats. Putting them and other special clothes for the season in the hands of professionals ensures that they will get the kind of cleaning care they need to remain in mint condition.


Dry Clean or Regular Wash Done Right

Dry and fold services in Santa Monica, CA, suggest that, when caring for your winter wardrobe, dry cleaning is a must. It protects fragile materials, gets rid of tough stains, and eliminates odors. You can keep those outfits in shape, safeguard them against insects, and eventually increase their lifespan. 

Now that winter is at hand, include dry cleaning on your to-do list already. The sooner, the better! Contact Star One Cleaners. Call us at 310-478-8358 or email us at

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