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How Often Should You Clean Your Bedsheets?

If you haven’t yet seen how dust mite-infested it is where we sleep, you might want to check out “What are dust mites?” on YouTube. This will surely generate our interest in the answer to the question that’s been posed as the title. For those of us who have put washing the bedsheets at the bottom of our priority list of household chores, it’s best to read on. FYI, there’s free laundry pickup and delivery in Sta. Monica CA.

Keep in mind that you are not sleeping alone. Along with you are innumerable dust mites feeding on your dead skin and, naturally, unloading themselves of what they’ve eaten in the process. Our bedsheets are a wonderland for these microscopic pests, and they can cause health problems for many of us. An easy solution to this would be the regular washing of our bedding and pillows.

Weekly Washing

For the reasons we’ve just stated, it becomes imperative for bedroom linens to get subjected to a 120°F washing machine treatment at least once a week. There you have it. The question has been answered. Stick around for added information on why it has to be so frequent.

Over half of the single men admit they don’t wash their bed linens for as long as four months at a time. 12% of them say they only do so when they remember, which might be even longer. Couples say they change their bedding every three weeks. Single women change their sheets more frequently. 62% of them see that need.

Dead Skin

The average human sheds 1.5 grams of the dried epidermis. That’s about a teaspoon’s worth of dead skin. The outer layer of your skin cells is shed when it rubs against your bedsheets at night. Now, tell me, is anyone up for rolling about in their dead skin while dust mites feed on them and poop in the process? 

Bacteria & Animal Flakes


Bacteria flourish where there are a lot of dead skin cells. Your linens, mattress, and pillows serve as their breeding grounds. Actually, one of the places where germs are found the most is on our skin. They thrive on dead tissues, that’s why.

To make matters worse, if we sleep with our cat or dog, they can give us skin problems. Our pets are habitats for fungi. They can have ringworm and scabies. There are also a variety of parasites that can be transmitted to us by our pets. To ensure we have fresh linens, there’s laundry cleaning in Santa Monica, CA.

Dust Mites

Let’s revisit our conversation on dust mites. Despite being too small to be seen with our eyes, dust mites are present on all continents of the world except Antarctica. This microscopic kin of the spider eats the dead skin cells of our bodies. They don’t bite, nor do they worm their way under our skin, but they’re still bad news.

Dust mites can cause unwelcome health problems for us like allergies, asthma, eczema, and inflammation of the hair follicles. I don’t want to gross you out, but your daily production of dead skin can feed as many as a million dust mites. There might not be any bed bugs biting but think about that.

Do You Feel Like Doing the Laundry Yet?


You can get away with washing your linens every two weeks if you sleep alone, don’t have any pets, and have an AC in the house. The rest will have to wash them more often if they sleep with their pets, perspire much in their sleep, are sick, or sleep naked. Just in case, there’s free laundry pickup and delivery in Sta. Monica, CA.

We do professional laundry, dry cleaning, and alterations at Star One Cleaners. You can rely on us to deliver your garments and sheets looking new, smelling fresh, and free of dust mites and bacteria at reasonable prices. You’ll find Star One Cleaners at Call us today at 310-478-8358.

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