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The 5 Benefits of Dry Cleaning Clothes

First of all, let’s deal with understanding what dry cleaning is. In a nutshell, it’s the method of cleaning your wardrobe investment that does not require the use of water and detergent. In spite of what it’s called, dry cleaning is far from dry. It substitutes water and detergent with solvents. Clothes are spun or steamed with solvents to clean them. Free laundry pickup and delivery in Santa Monica, CA are part of the services you get with dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning has been around for almost two centuries but was patented only in 1921. In the beginning, it relied heavily on flammable solvents. A decade later, dry cleaners changed to safer substances that were no longer combustible but just as effective. Dry cleaning is usually reserved for winter coats, suits, formal wear, and fabrics that may shrink or get damaged if washed the traditional way.

Wash or Dry Clean?

Contrary to what’s commonly believed, dry cleaning is better than washing when removing stains and dirt. There are blemishes on clothes that can’t be taken off by the washing machine. What’s worse is that there are fabrics that regular laundry is not friendly to.

This can result in the alteration of the size of your clothes or the fading of their color. Dry cleaning is surely the safest way to have your wardrobe cleaned. It offers advantages that those delicate items in your closet can’t do without. This special way of treating your clothes offers the following:

  1. It Removes Nasty Stains

    Dry cleaning can remove stains caused by blood, grease, oil, and ink It gets rid of them in a way that laundry cannot. Before you give up on a blot on your favorite shirt or pants and decide to just throw it away, bring it to a dry cleaner and have a professional look at it.

    2. It Gets Rid of Organisms

Drying clothes at temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius for 15 to 30 minutes is effective in killing various bacteria and viruses. The washing machine treatment cannot bring this about. If at all, they will be distributed to other items that don’t contain the said organisms.

  1. It’s Prescribed for Some Fabrics

    Clothes that should be dry cleaned are those made of delicate material like silk, velvet, and cashmere or those with labels that say “dry clean only.” These are fabrics made of natural fibers that would either shrink or get distorted if water is used on them. Dry cleaners in Santa Monica, CA know precisely what to do with them.

    4. It Retains the Color of Clothes

    Dry cleaning makes sure that the hue and smoothness of the fabric aren’t affected. This is an assurance that can’t be made by the conventional method of washing with water. Colors can bleed or fade, and this easily happens. Always read the label of your clothes to check if they are to be washed or dry cleaned.
  1. It Makes Your Wardrobe Last Longer

Dry cleaning not only maintains the fresh and new look of your clothes but also keeps them that way for a longer period. Unlike water and detergent, the solvents used in dry cleaning are gentler and it actually keeps them safe from the wear and tear of laundry.

Is Dry Cleaning Necessary?
Needless to say, it is. Some fabrics won’t look as good after some time as when you just bought it. Imagine if Darth Vader’s cape was made of natural fiber. Without dry cleaning, his cloak would shrink and only go as far as his waist. There goes the menacing vibe of the Jedi-turned-Dark Lord. 

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